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The phone app challenging violence against women in Mumbai slum

The Little Sister Project uses the EyeWatch app to record cases of violence. More>

Source: The Guardian, KumKum Dasgupta

Sex workers in Zimbabwe: What drove us to accept mobile payments

Mobile payments in the country gives sex workers a sense of security and safety. More>

Source: The Guardian, David Smith

These women are using industry discrimination to change tech

An independent, creative tech and gaming conference is addressing diversity and gender equality in the industry. More>

Source: ThinkProgress, Lauren C. Williams

#hackgirlsrights WINNER: Não Me Calo (I will not shut up)

The app inviting users to rank places on their level of safety for women was developed by a Brazilian team that won the International girls hackathon. More>

Source: IGNITE, Ana Paula, Adriane, Manoela, Karen

The World White Web Campaign wants to make Google image search results inclusive of all colors

When Google search only yielded white hand images as a search result a student decided to launch a campaign to push for more diversity. More>

Source: Bustle, Suzannah Weiss

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