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Why online anonymity is critical for women

“Imagine someone is looking for you online. Can they discover what neighborhood you live in, the places you frequent, your circle of friends? Can they see where you work? Now imagine you need to hide.” More >

Source: WMC Speech roject, Sara Baker

Apple wants the iPhone to record every aspect of your health

Apple has a vision to creat an whole ecosystem of medical data. Would you share your DNA? More >

Source: BuzzFeed, Stephanie M. Lee

Facebook is watching and tracking you more than you probably realise

“Facebook provided a treasure trove of information for advertisers. By clicking “like” users were telling companies exactly what they wanted — more of this, less of that, please. This led to the big data tracking we now see.” More >

Source: USA Today, Kim Komando

Your data footprint is affecting your life in ways you can’t even imagine

“Job decisions, college admissions, health care decisions: All are now being fundamentally altered by your big data, and you might not even know.” More >

Source: FastCoexist, Jessica Leber

Kiddle search engine is the Google for kids

A Google like search engine for kids. Kiddle is a visual search engine that is powered by editors and Google safe search. More >

Source: Tech Times, Lauren Keating

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