From April 12th - 17th, APC's Women's Rights and Communications Information Policy programmes will bring together activists working in the sexual rights movement and internet rights movement to a global dialogue on Gender, Sexuality and the Internet in Port Dickson, Malaysia.

As part of this meeting, APC will launch a new collaborative initiative to protect, promote and defend the rights of sexual rights activists and women's human rights defenders to use the internet to express themselves freely and associate with others in the course of their work.

The overall strategy of the initiative is to build networks of sexual rights activists, women's human rights defenders, and internet rights activists to deepen understanding of how sexual rights, internet freedoms and democratisation are connected, and how to advance these across the human rights and internet policy ecosystem.

On April 12th APC's Sexual Rights initiative will invite participants to:

* Share information about their work on gender, sexuality, and the internet

* Critique the current state of gender, sexuality, and the internet in their fields of work and the implications of this for identifying collaborative strategies across movements

* Learn about APC's Sexual Rights initiative and consider how they might want to participate

* Prepare for the 3-day dialogue from April 13th - 15th which aims to develop a set of evolving Feminist Principles of the Internet.

On April 16th and 17th participants will be invited to build their capacity on engaging with human rights mechanisms and UN instruments to advance sexual rights and women’s human rights in relation to the internet. This will be followed by a training event on digital security, and a 1/2 day meeting to reflect on the sexual rights initiative and discuss planning.

Follow the dialogue online using the hashtag #imagineafeministinternet

Find more information and resources on the full event page. interview with APC's Joy Liddicoat about the meeting and plans to develop feminist principles of the interview.

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