Sweta Das

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Sweta Dash is based in Delhi and writes on public health, welfare mechanisms, and identification documents.

Shruti Arora

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Shruti Arora is a queer feminist activist from India. She researches and writes on issues of sexual rights and digital rights. She also coordinates the Young Activist Network for Abortion Advocacy (YANAA), hosted by the International… Read more…

Nadine Moawad

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Nadine is a feminist activist from Beirut, Lebanon and is APC's EROTICS project coordinator.

Byoung-il Oh

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Byoung-il Oh is the President of the Korean Progressive Network Jinbonet, based in the Republic of Korea, which advocates for human rights in the information society, especially the rights to communication, free speech and privacy.


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APC is both a network and an organisation. APC members are groups working in their own countries to advance the same mission as APC.

Sachini Perera

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Sachini is a Sri Lankan queer feminist activist with a background in law, journalism and international relations. Her work is located at the intersection of the internet, popular culture, sexuality and gender, freedom of expression, and… Read more…

Rebecca Ryakitimbo

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Rebecca is an avid writer,researcher and technologist who considers herself a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) and digital rights advocate, and data enthusiast actively involved in Internet Governance/… Read more…


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Launched in 2006, GenderIT.org is a groundbreaking resource site that provides feminist reviews and commentary on internet policy and culture. It started as a site monitoring policy developments on ICT and gender, and from its… Read more…

Anmol Irfan

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Anmol is a Muslim-Pakistani journalist and the Founder of Perspective Magazine. Her work focuses mainly on global gender justice, media representation and climate. She aims to amplify marginalised narratives across the globe through her… Read more…

Amrita Vasudevan

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Amrita is a research associate at IT for Change. She is engaged in policy research on Internet-related public policy issues and inclusive e-governance. She is currently handling a regional research study on evaluating the effectiveness… Read more…

Srinidhi Raghavan

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Srinidhi Raghavan works at the intersections of women’s rights, technology, sexuality and disability. She has worked in India for seven years across feminist organisations with women including women with disabilities, lawyers,… Read more…


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The writer is based in Lahore, Pakistan. They identify as queer and non-binary. Their interest and advocacy revolves around the intersection of digital rights, queer identity and freedom of expression.

Colleta Dewa

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Colleta Dewa is a journalist based in South Africa who has worked for the Southern Times Newspaper and the Zimbabwe Broadcasting TV and Radio. Her work has also been published by the Guardian, Real News, The Progress Network, Equal… Read more…


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Namita is a writer and researcher. She divides her time between Bengaluru in India and the many worlds in books and movies. She has written on law, cinema, internet, archives, sexuality, technology, feminism, family. Occasionally she… Read more…

Seerat Khan

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Seerat Khan is the Programs and Comms Lead at the Digital Rights Foundation in Pakistan, and has done extensive work on gender and technology over the past 6 years. She mostly works with women human rights defenders and women… Read more…

Nyx McLean

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Nyx McLean is a caffeine-fueled transdisciplinary researcher who writes queerly about the internet, digital communities, and social movements with an emphasis on troubling technology from an anti-racist queer feminist position. They are… Read more…

Zainab Durrani

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Zainab Durrani is a lawyer by education and a digital rights activist by profession, based in Pakistan. She manages the Data Privacy portfolio at Digital Rights Foundation and also conducts extensive research on the overlap of tech,… Read more…

Dimah Mahmoud

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Dimah Mahmoud (PhD) is a Pan-African humanist by practice, actionist by learning, and passionate change-maker by choice. As a self-proclaimed Warrior of Truth, she beats the drums of Love, Unity and Liberation at the intersection of… Read more…