Dimah Mahmoud

Dimah Mahmoud (PhD) is a Pan-African humanist by practice, actionist by learning, and passionate change-maker by choice. As a self-proclaimed Warrior of Truth, she beats the drums of Love, Unity and Liberation at the intersection of People and Power. Dimah (@thefacipulator) facilitates order by manipulating chaos to co-create grass-root holistic solutions for the collective liberation of people of indigenous ancestry.

This is embodied in her co-founding of The Nubia Initiative, birthing AfricaWeek2020 and diverse conferences, and collaborations she spearheads through her consultancy. Since 2014, she has consulted with the African Union, League of Arab States, UN Women Arabia, El Karama, FUTOUR, EURAXESS North America, The Antiquities Coalition, A Growing Culture and more. Bridging education, indigenous heritage protection and African diasporan alliances to counter politricks, she sits on the advisory boards of Edfu Foundation, World History Encyclopaedia, Africans Rising and most recently Spring of Light. Her work with Edfu Foundation centres people of African and Indigenous ancestry deliberately bringing silenced voices of Women and Youth to UN spaces like the Commission on the Status of Women and Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. Dimah is Chair of the Cultural Heritage Sub-committee of the International Civil Society Working Group for the United Nations Permanent Forum of People of African Descent. She holds a PhD in Sudanese Foreign Policy and International Legitimacy from the University of Exeter.