Kazanka Comfort

Kazanka Comfort is the Director of Operations of Fantsuam Foundation. Her early education started in Zaria, where she also completed her first degree from Ahmadu Bello University in 1987. She later obtained a Diploma in Development Studies from the University of Birmingham UK, and attended Grameen’s 37th International Dialogue of the Grameen Trust in 2000 in Bangladesh. She completed her Law degree with the University of Jos in 2001 and in same year, was awarded the first Hafkin Africa for her outstanding and creative use of Information and Communication Technologies for women in rural communities in Nigeria, http://www.apc.org/english/hafkin. She worked briefly with WomensNet in Johannesburg, is a member of the AAW (APC Africa Women, www.apc.org/) and has co-authored the Nigerian chapters in the publications by GRACE (Gender Research into Information Communication Technology for Empowerment www.grace-network.net)

Her work in Fantsuam Foundation has focused on developing an integrated model of development for empowering women in rural communities. She pioneered the Fantsuam Rural Computer literacy program in 2000 with 20 students and this initiative was awarded the first Hafkin Africa Prize (http://www.apc.org/english/hafkin 2001). She was one of seven women selected in 2013 from Africa, in partnership with CUSO, to attend the Community Development Leadership by Women course at the Coady International Institute, Canada.