Indri Sri Sembadra

A graduate of the Faculty of Ushuluddin and Philosophy, State Islamic University (UIN) Jakarta. She has a vision of creating social change, especially for women and minority groups. She has been interested in gender and pluralism issues since she was in college. She has interacted with KAPAL Perempuan through discussions. In 2003, she attended KAPAL Perempuan's Feminist Education. Since then, she has become more intensively involved in the women's movement. In 2008, she joined Institute KAPAL Perempuan as Secretariat and Management Information System (MIS) staff. Then in 2012, she was assigned as Gender and Pluralism staff who managed discussions on campus and the network. From there she became involved as a facilitator of feminist critical education and pluralism for grassroots women at Sekolah Perempuan Jakarta.

Since 2015, she has been the Coordinator of the Resource Center. One of her duties is to coordinate the implementation of Women's Community Radio development during the COVID-19 pandemic in remote mountainous and island areas.