The emergence of social media networks has made it easier for us to be connected with others. Unfortunately it brings with it many security and privacy related issues. According to a study conducted and published by Computer Magazine (June 2013), the privacy management of 16 popular social networking sites, including Facebook and Twitter, is “seriously decient.” Social media networks were designed to make our lives easier but unfortunately, like all free services, they come with a hidden price. Social networks are increasingly being used as a tool for identity theft, stalking, harassment, invasion of privacy, and other forms of violence. Sexual predators are also using these tools to their advantage. With increased penetration of the internet and mobile telephony, Pakistan is no different in this respect, with the role of these technologies being used for purposes of crime and violence expanding at an alarming rate. This booklet aims to dene different forms of online violence, provide tips
on how to help prevent cyber violence and crime, and reporting as a measure to obtain remedy.

What is stalking, cyber bullying and harrasment? How to protect yourself online? How to report online violence? How to document the evidence? These are some of the questions that get a response in this material.

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