Sex workers march in Mexico city, 2009. Photo by Thelmadatter. Source: Wikimedia commons. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

Dedicated to all the amazing sex workers and queer/trans*/gnc folx past, present, and future
Sex work is work! Support your local sex worker rights efforts

In 2017, two bills were introduced in the United States of America that attacked sex worker rights and digital rights. FOSTA, introduced to the House of Representatives and SESTA, introduced to the Senate. These bills, which affected a technical law protecting technology platforms and service providers, were met with resistance from sex workers, sex trafficking survivors and digital rights organisations, who largelyy did not the centre the folx directly affected-sex workers.


Table of Contents

  • What is FOSTA-SESTA?
  • Implications of FOSTA
  • What happens now?
  • Lawsuit against FOSTA
  • Internet censorship due to FOSTA
  • Real world effects of FOSTA


Additional Resources

  • Melissa Gira Grant – Amazing writings on sex worker rights
  • SWOP, COYOTE, SWEAT, PACE Society, and other sex worker rights projects (Global Network of Sex Worker Projects
  • Woodhull Foundation –
  •  On Twitter (not comprehensive):
  • Liara Roux @ LiaraRoux
  • Lorelei Lee @ MissLoreleiLee
  • Kate @ KateDAdamo
  • Melissa Gira Grant @ melissagira o M. Mayhem @ MsMaggieMayhem


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