This report provides an overview of data concerning violence against women (VAW) online collected using the Association for Progressive Communications’ (APC) online mapping tool. The purpose of the mapping tool, which was set up as part of APC’s “End Violence: Women’s rights and safety online” project, was to improve APC’s existing framework for categorising online rights violations, and develop a deeper understanding of the nature and consequences of technology-related VAW. This report is intended primarily as a quantitative overview of the cases reported, with some qualitative illustration. The data is analysed from 2012 to mid-2014.

This report is part of APC’s “End violence: Women’s rights and safety online” research project funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DGIS) and is based on a strong alliance with partners in seven countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Mexico, Pakistan and the Philippines.
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Table of contents
1. Introduction 3
2. Summary of findings 3
3. Quantitative analysis and profiling 5
3.1. Demographics of women and girls who have experienced technology-related violence 5
3.1.1. Age of person violated 5
3.1.2. Nationality of person violated 6
3.2. Identities of violator 7
3.3. Harms experienced through technology-related VAW 8
3.3.1. Identity of violator with harm faced 9
3.3.2. Top three harms reported 10
3.3.3. Qualitative sample of frequent specific harms not captured by data 13
3.4. How internet intermediaries/technology platform providers are implicated in technology-related VAW 14
3.5. Overview of general actions taken in response to online harm 15
3.6. Basic profile of person most likely to experience harm online 16

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