Image description: Two persons in a wine glass

Image description: Two persons in a wine glass. Image source: Crop of the artwork for podcast The Wildness with Tiff & Manda

With the help of a whole host of guests from around the continent, the Wild Ones, Amanda Hodgeson and Tiffany Kagure Mugo sit down, pour a glass of the vino and unpack life’s various messiness because sometimes what you need is a little wine, a little friendship and a little chat to get through this life thing. 
Warning: Some Content Can Be Explicit and Explosive.

At the request of, in this episode The Wildness is all about how the internet intertwines with sexuality. Some of the major topics covered are

  • Dating in queer spaces – how are people doing it on line and off line
  • What are the apps available for queer dating locally and internationally
  • How are people using the DMs and inboxes to find love
  • The dangers of being out and queer in the digital realm – harassment and violence
  • What does the future hold for queer people and the online space?

Happy listening!


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