Illustration by Dahlia Mahmoud for GenderIT

There is a loneliness,
That creeps over you
After all the laughter has died out.
And you can relax your face
from that painful grin
you passed for a smile.
When the silence brings the drumming
of head and heart to your ears,
And not even deaths Grimm
can ring your head to this dimension.


There is a sadness,
That consumes you in its vastness
That Embraces you in its clutches
That fills you in its emptiness
That confuses you in its paradox


There is a loneliness
Reserved for your moments of solitude
When you interrogate life's meaning
Laying bare the love of family,
The loyalty of friendships
The dexus of your identity
When the applause dies off
And the theatre is empty
The character retires
And the reality is a stranger.


There is a sadness
That places you at crossroads
That forces you to decode
That challenges you to be bold
The empowers you to uphold


There is a loneliness,
Weighing on the conscious
A responsibility you cannot shake off
Isolating you from your loved ones
Reducing you to a contaminant.
A darkness so bright;
It's drains the tears from your eyes
It's stuffs a lump in your throat
It brings a heaviness to your bones
and a gripping coldness in your soul


There is a sadness,
That third eye premonitions
That spirit and I, predictions
That untying of all restrictions
That marries the alienations


There is a loneliness
Screaming above your thoughts
Drowning out the excitement
Questioning all your intentions
Deflating your purpose filled chest
Anchoring you onto despair
It eats at your ambition
Neutralising your senses
flogging your will to live, to be
buried in a Forever of nothingness


-- Ayak C.D Alak

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