Call to Action! Global Tweet-a-thon

Dear friends and partners,

Take Back the Tech, along with UN Women and other partners, are organizing this month’s #OrangeDay , which takes place every month on the 25th to raise global awareness about GBV and the internet. Read more about it here.

We’re joining this day to highlight technology for women’s rights, safety and security online, as well as some great articles on sexual rights activism and internet regulation. Join us, share your work, and take part in the #orangeday twitter conversation!

What You Can Do

Join the tweeting campaign! Follow the #OrangeDay hashtag all day on Thursday, July 15 and contribute hashed tweets that link to your work, your research, or main messages you want to highlight.

You can follow @takebackthetech and @genderITorg, we’ll be tweeting from there.

You can also engage in the tweet-up slots: 3am UCT and 3pm UCT on Thursday, where we will be responding to tweets and answering questions that may come up. If you can be online during these hours, keep your search on the hashtag and join in the conversations.

Suggested messages for your tweeting

Have you experienced #VAW online? MAP IT to make internet safer spaces for women #Orangeday #takebackthetech

5 recommendations on violence against women & girls in cyberspace #genderIT #Orangeday #takebackthetech

What different forms of violence against women and girls occur online? #genderIT #Orangeday #takebackthetech

What are the safety issues experienced by sexual rights activists? #SOC #orangeday #genderIT #EROTICS

Infographics: 98% of sexual rights activists see the internet as a critical public sphere #genderit #Orangeday

Learn more on #EROTICS survey on usage & risks faced online by sexual rights activists. #genderIT #Orangeday

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