Bali, Indonesia, 22-25 October 2013

The eighth annual IGF will be held in Bali, Indonesia, from 22-25 October 2013. The theme for this year’s IGF is “Building Bridges – Enhancing Multi-stakeholder Cooperation for Growth and Sustainable Development.” team will be working on-site and off-site to bring all related to gender and ICT policy from the gender peripheries at the IGF. And we invite you to be a part of it!

Women’s rights and internet governance are part of APC’s Priorities for the eighth Internet Governance Forum. As happened since 2006, will be on-site covering the event.

APC’s Women´s Rights Programme has specific key messages that wants to share out loud:

1. Internet policy affects gender and sexual minorities differently. How does your policy affect women and LGBT activists?

2. Sexual rights activists are doing awesome work and they need an open internet. Be on their side!

3. Feminists support your work for a free and open internet. Support the women who support a free internet!

4. Misogyny happens in direct and indirect ways online. Is misogyny hate speech?

5. We need to redefine harmful content online. Who decides what harmful content is? Are we asking those who need protection how they protect themselves?

6. Empowering instead of regulating: The internet is a place for free exchanges, but we want it to be better, to be an empowering space for young people and women and racial minorities.

How can you collaborate in the coverage? will be using social networking tools, blogs, articles and interviews. All of you, on-site and off-site collaborators, are invited to participate in Spanish, English, and French (and also in your local languages if possible)

Blogging: You can submit your inputs or engage in discussions around women’s rights and IG issues in’s Feminist Talk. To submit your blog you should create an account and then navigate to You can also send your reflections and photos directly to and we will upload them for you. You do not need to be registered to send a comment on other posts.

Note to off-site collaborators: All people following the event off-site can help blogging by using the tweets sent by on-site team as input for their articles, as well as the webcast. This is a good practice that allows us to produce more content and to help on-site team. Storify is a good tool to help on this.


We invite staff, members, partners, and everyone interested to use their personal accounts. We will be using the hashtags: #igf13 #genderit (genderitorgES for Spanish). You can also use #takebackthetech and Dominemoslastic for those tweets specifically about tech-related violence against women issues.

We are sharing this set of predefined tweets to facilitate the tweeting and the dissemination of our key messages:

Suggested messages for your tweeting

  • What different forms of violence against women and girls occur online? #genderit #takebackthetech #igf2013

  • 5 recommendations on violence against women & girls in cyberspace #genderit #takebackthetech #igf2013

  • Have you experienced #VAW online? MAP IT to make internet safer spaces for women #genderit #takebackthetech #igf2013

  • What are the safety issues experienced by sexual rights activists? #igf2013 #genderit #EROTICS

  • Infographics: 98% of sexual rights activists see the internet as a critical public sphere #genderit #EROTICS #igf2013

  • Learn more on #EROTICS survey on usage & risks faced online by sexual rights activists #genderit #igf2013


Whenever possible, when you attend an interesting and gender relevant event, we invite you to write sessions chronicles, articles on hot topics, or interview key advocacy referents. If you are not able to do the writing by yourself because of lack of time, do not hesitate in contacting us and we will see how to best shape and disseminate that information.

Submission guidelines

As a member of the IGF coverage team, you are invited to submit in-depth articles/interviews or feminists talk reflection/blogs, and to tweet and share notes/comments with the team.

Some orientation:

  • Article title length: around 75 characters with spaces.

  • Summary/abstract length and characteristics: around 120 characters with spaces (this must be catchy, to annunce to the reader its content, and to address its link to the project issues).

  • Article length: 900 to 2,500 words.

  • Subheading guidelines

    No subheadings necessary for articles under 1,000 words

    2 subheadings for articles between 1,000 – 1,400 words

    3 subheadings for articles between 1,400 – 1,700 words

    4 subheadings for articles between 1,700 – 2,000 words

  • If possible, please provide a headshot and short bio (500 characters max.) for writer profile, as well as an identifying image (for security reasons, it can be any image you feel does represent you), and a Twitter handle.

  • After the article is published, you are encouraged to provide a couple of tweets (up to 110 characters in length) to help us disseminating the article (Click here for tips on creating a good tweet). You are as well encouraged to engage with sexual rights activists, anti-VAW groups and individuals on Twitter, and to reach them with their writings inviting them to

  • If the article is about a not very known topic, briefly explain whenever possible the technical terms that may confuse the reader. You can appeal to glossary definitions for support.

  • Keep in mind that these materials will be published online, so articles should be furnished with links from reputable sources – or news, other websites’ news (specially project partners’), blogs, books, etc. – to support its assertions, but not an overwhelming number.

  • Adhere to APC editorial policy when submitting your writings.

  • Adhere to APC house style guide and APC guide to reference listing when submitting your writings.

  • We encourage our collaborators to translate their productions into their local languages whenever possible, in order to expand the reach of the materials.

  • Please note that all content will be published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License license under It will also be republished in

  • Please do send articles to, copying

Activities of interest in the agenda

Here is the complete schedule of events. And here is the list of events co-organised and hosted by APC.

Day 1 – 22 October 2013

Workshop #134 Connecting Our Rights: Strategies for Progress

What is the impact on IG of recent developments in UN human rights mechanisms?

From 9:00 to 10:30, Room 7, Kintamani 1.

Day 2 – 23 October 2013

Gender and Internet Governance Roundtable co-organised by APC and the Gender Dynamic Coalition

This event will address women’s rights and gender equality in internet governance and assess the extent to which the IGF has been successful in incorporating a gender equality agenda since its inception.

From 9:00 to 10:30, Room 9, Kintamani 7.

Launch of Global Information Society Watch 2013: Women’s rights, gender and ICTs

APC and Hivos invites you to the launch of the 2013 edition of GISWatch, which examines how the internet and other ICTs have extended the public sphere and created new opportunities and freedoms for women. It highlights the threats to these freedoms and explores the role of technology in resistance to these threats.

From 12:30 to 14:30, Room Kinamani #1.

Workshop “No. 321 Public Policy for Women’s Inclusion on the Internet”

More information

Day 3 – 24 October 2013

Focus session (Openess) Human rights, freedom of expression and free flow of information on the internet

Organised by Anriette Esterhuysen in her capacity as MAG member. Based on specific questions, it will bring regional perspectives on human rights on the internet, delve into specific issues (such as freedom of expression, internet intermediary liability, sexual rights, access to knowledge and IP issues, network neutrality, surveillance), and provide inputs from workshops, dynamic coalitions, open forums and other focus sessions.

From 14:30 to 18:00, Main hall, Nusa Dua Hall 5.

More information-

Day 4 – 25 October 2013

Gender Dynamic Coalition meeting “Gender and Internet Governance: Integrating women’s rights at the IGF space”

Convened by the Gender Dynamic Coalition to discuss a) the proposed resolution on women’s human rights and freedom of expression at the Human Rights Council; b) ISP accountability on gender-targeted hate speech and abuse; c) issues raised in the Gender and Internet Governance Roundtable, and d) preliminary analysis of the 2012 IGF Gender Report Card.

From 11:00 to 12:30, Room #7, Kintamani 1.

More information

Follow at the 2013 IGF online

You can watch the Internet Governance Forum 2013 in Bali online:

News updates and latest blog posts: and

Media: Contact in English or in English, Spanish or Portuguese.

Twitter: GenderITorg (in English); GenderITorgES (in Spanish)


If you are at the IGF, go to APC’s booth and request our postcards, EROTICS’ infographics and the print preview of 2013 GISWatch!

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