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Breastfeeding is no longer “obscene” on Facebook

Facebook has done it again in redefining what is seen as obscene, obviously according to their standards. Facebook now allows it’s users to post photographs of women breastfeeding, photographs in which an exposed nipple may be seen. More

Source: Bitch Magazine, Soraya Chemaly, June 23rd 2014

The Human Sex Map

This map of the lands of human sexuality introduces a good overview of the different “desires” that exists. One person’s disgust, could be is another person’s pleasure. From vanilla to hardhardcore, all desires appear on the map. More

Source: Human Sex Map, Franklin Veaux

Wonder Woman not a feminist

Feminism in comic books? The new creative team behind Wonder Woman, are claiming that their Princess Diana won’t necessarily be a feminist. This is definitely not surprising, but what do her characteristics tell us. More

Source: The Guardian, Laurenn McCubbin

Is Facebook messing with my emotions?

In light of the Facebook emotions experiment, here is an article on how to tweak and control your newsfeed, but how much is really in our control? More

Source: The Guardian, Robert Booth

“We don’t like this, we’ve never liked it, and it needs to stop”: An open letter on feminism in tech

An interesting letter on feminism in technology that addresses the struggles, the expectations and experiences of some feminists. “Being nice and talking politely about injustice does not compel the group in power to do anything that unseats their power,” states this group of women technologists and leaders, writing together to address the tech community. More

Source: Model View Culture

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