Welcome to the fourth in a series of 7 mini-editions we’re putting together to highlight the project “End violence: Women’s rights and safety online”. Each edition focuses on one country in which the research was conducted, and brings together articles, major findings, and interviews with the research teams. In this edition we look at Mexico, where legislation often doesn’t translate into practice, anonymity serves as a double-edged sword, and violence against women is routinely belittled. The stories of four women survivors form the backbone of the research, and it is through their voices and experiences that we explore how technology-related violence against women in Mexico plays out.

Conversations with the research team

From fear to courage: Talking about technology, violence and justice in Mexico

In this interview, GenderIT.org writer Florencia Goldsman speaks to Gabriela Polanco, the author of the Mexico country report, and Erika Smith, APC’s project coordinator in Mexico, to bring us a closer look into the research findings. From exploring Mexico’s socio-cultural contexts to taking a closer look at policies put in place for women.

Mexico country report

Technology-related violence against women in Mexico

This report is a result of research carried out in Mexico between November 2013 and April 2014 by the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) as part of a multi-country project entitled End violence: Women’s rights and safety online. The Mexico research is base on four in-depth case histories of women who experienced violence through the use of technology. Each of the women sought justice through the competent authorities, technology intermediaries, or both.

Case studies

Kidnapped by mobile phone

Persistent harassment plagues lesbian activists

When a morphed video leads to further harassment

A defamatory Facebook profile brings violence into marriages

For more information about the multi-country research visit the research site

From fear to courage: Talking about technology, violence and justice in Mexico

An interview by Florencia Goldsman with research report author Gabriela Polanco and APC’s project coordinator in Mexico Erika Smith explores many of the nuances that emerged from the research. From assessing to what extent technology is an enabler of violence to musing on the various meanings of ‘justice’ for survivors, this conversation takes us behind the scenes of the Mexican edition of the End violence: Women's rights and safety online project.

Highlights on tech-related violence against women in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mexico and the Philippines

APC's "End violence: Women's rights and safety online" project has achieved several milestones in the last few years, through the engagement of seven country partners who have explored the dynamics of tech-related violence against women (VAW) in their local contexts, and worked with different stakeholders in the process. 2014 opened up new possibilities and challenges for partners, and APCNews interviewed Valentina Pellizzer from OWPSEE, Erika Smith from Mexico, and Lisa García from the Foundation for Media Alternatives to get a sense of where they are at in their work against tech-related VAW.